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Somersfield Academy
107 Middle Road
Devonshire DV 06

Phone: (441) 236-9797
Fax: (441) 236-9789
Email: info@somersfield.bm

An Education that Makes a Difference

At Somersfield, we believe that today's young people must become lifelong learners, capable of responding to continuous change. They need to know how to work in teams, solve problems, think creatively and critically, and to learn by doing.

Our philosophy is that children learn more effectively when they are engaged in the joyful work of generating, exploring, interpreting and connecting ideas in order to solve challenging problems.

Creative teaching strategies help students go beyond simply memorizing and recalling facts, to generate their own understanding and application of information. Somersfield offers an education that makes a difference.

Traditional & Innovative

Somersfield's Montessori Programme was implemented in 1991. Today the school serves 485 children ages 3 16 years who are known in the community for being curious, confident and caring learners. Our Montessori programme embraces innovative educational practices with fully qualified teachers and well-equipped classrooms.

Our International Baccalaureate Middle-Years Programme (MYP), was introduced in 2001 and allows students to stay with the school until 16 years of age. The MYP, like the Montessori Programme, is a holistic approach to education which emphasizes an integrated curriculum and active engagement in the process of learning.

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